Homies Finest is a family run business. We come from a family that loves nature and of course loves eating well. We want to share our ideas and knowledge about food and preserves with others. There is so much to learn about nature: the way we grow vegetables and fruit, the way we process food and our relationship with food. The idea behind Homies Finest is to capture and explore those moments.

We also do foodstyling and foodphotography for collaboration write to us!

Maarten de Greeve – imported designer from the Netherlands – and also known as the Flying Dutchman. Maarten loves products and design – and particularly concept development and creating products that you will be happy to buy and he is particularly fond of eating well. With his sharp graphic eye and his knowledge of  product development – he can make the simplest products look luxurious and extravagant. Additionally Maarten loves preserves and he is especially happy with raspberry jam and pickled beets, which can brighten up any rainy day.

Julie Polar de Greeve – Julie grew up in a family with a large garden in the Danish countryside. From an early age she has had her own vegetable garden and of course picked the spot with the best plum tree. Julie believes that if you grow your own vegetables and fruit you appreciate them even more! She loves to find beautiful and tasty food in nature, but is probably more fascinated by making preserves, fermentation – and pickling fruit and vegetables. As well as an affinity for developing tasty recipes and products. Julie is also an excellent photographer and also works as a foodphotographer and foodstylist want to see some of her work…