Bottle the summer in this fancy flowery liqueur

Elderflower liqueur

Elderflowers are blooming right now – soon they will be transforming into elderberries, so pick them now and preserve the taste in a fancy elderflower vodka liqueur. A lovely way to remember summer all year long! Elderflowers are perfect with alcohol because of their combination of sweetness and spiciness. Pick them in the morning, as the scent fades when the noon sun hits the flowers. All you need:

Elderflower liqueur
10-15 freshly harvested elderflower heads
3 tbsp. cane sugar
1 slice of lemon
3 stalks of lemon balm
700 ml vodka

After you have picked the elderflower heads, snip the flowers off with a fork and put them into a jar or a bottle. Add 3 stalks of lemon balm, 1 slice of lemon and the sugar (you can also add the sugar when you strain the vodka after some weeks). Cover all the flowers, herbs and sugar with the vodka. Place in the shadow on the kitchen worktop or in a dark cool room and keep it there for as long as you like, but at least a few days. We normally do 4 weeks, just remember the longer it stands – the darker the liqueur gets. Shake the bottle daily.

When ready strain the liqueur a couple of times and then it is ready to serve with a strawberry pie or just shaken not stirred with a little ice…


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