Cherry up – and tuck in!

Cherries and a hand

Do you have trouble falling asleep – then homemade cherry juice and cordial might help you. New studies show that cherry juice may help improve the quality and duration of sleep, reduce the severity of insomnia and increase overall sleep efficiency.You only need to drink 2 glasses of tart cherry juice a day to counteract the problem, since the cherries contain melatonin – a hormone that helps regulate the body’s circadian rhythm. Of course you can also eat a lot of fresh cherries – but try this lovely cherry cordial – you can even adjust how much sugar you want in.

Cherry Cordial
1 kg of cherries
4 dl water
For each liter of juice use between 250-500 grams of sugar, depending on the cherries acidity.

Pick approximately 1 kg cherries with stems. Keep the stems and dry them and then use them for a great detox tea. Rinse the cherries and bring the berries and water to the boil on low heat so cherries can cast their juices. Take a juice bag and tripod and set a bowl or pan underneath. Pour the cooked cherries and water into the juice bag and let it hang to drain overnight. Place the juice bag on a larger dish; do not throw away the marsh, this you can use to make homemade cherry vinegar. Take the juice and measure it – for each liter of juice to use 250-500 grams of sugar depending on how sour the cherries are! You can also avoid sugar completely, but then shelf life is very short – and the juice very tart, but maybe the sleep will be very long. Add the sugar to the hot juice and give it all a boil. Remember to taste it well, so you get the taste you want. Pour the cordial into sterilized bottles.

Cherry Cordial and a beautiful funnel

We like to drink our cherry cordial both cold and warm – there’s nothing like a warm glass of cherry cordial just before bedtime.

Sleep tight – and long!


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