Cucumbers getting fresh with lime and mint!

Cucumber Jam

Give all the abundant cucumbers left in the greenhouse a new home before the season is over. We love to make cucumber jam – it is fresh and delicious with mint and lime and a pinch of chili. Eat it on toasted rye bread or crackers. Get the party started with:

Cucumber Jam
500 grams grated cucumber – strip the seeds out before you grate
25 grams grated ginger
2 tbsp. chopped mint
1 tsp. chopped green chili (the strength you prefer)
The juice and shell of 1- 1 ½ lime
250 – 300 grams of jam sugar (remember always to taste – so it is the right sweetness for you)

Boil it all together – it takes about 10-15 min. Pour in sterilized glasses – and get those crackers out!

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