80’s flashback – perfectly preserved pineapple

Preserved Pineapple Homies Finest

We have all had these lovely round jewels of sweetness with the iconic hole in the middle straight out of the can, especially us growing up in the 80’s! In our family preserved pineapple  were served with whipped cream or ice cream, or cut into smaller pieces and served in a white cabbage salad. Back in the days it was as exotic as it got …

It’s really easy and totally yummy to make them yourself. So if you want to go down memory lane then get some good fragrant pineapples and start cooking.

Preserved pineapples
1 large pineapple
1 vanilla pod
Juice of 3 limes
½ half a liter of water
250 gram of cane sugar

Chop of both ends and cut the pineapple in 4 cm pieces. Then cut of the outside skin and the core with a thin sharp knife for each piece. Save the cores and put them in a pan. Then cut the pieces into about 1 cm thick slices and set them aside on a plate.

For the syrup you take the pan with the pineapple cores and add the water, sugar and lime juice. Open up the vanilla pod, scrape out the insides and add them to the pan together with the skin of the pod. Let it boil into syrup. Then take out the cores and add the pineapple slices instead and let them boil in the syrup for about 5 minutes. Then take your sterilized hot jars. First place the slices into the jar and afterwards pour the syrup over them. If you have leftover syrup save it in the fridge for another batch or use it as a dessert sauce. Serve the pineapple slices with whipped cream or with ice cream…so simple and so scrumptious.

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