An Autumn Abundance Preserve

Multi yummy preserve

Autumn is here – time to pick the lovely berries, apples, flowers and plums and make cozy indoors preserves for the long winter months. When the harvest gets smaller and there is not much of one fruit, a little bit of everything can make a perfect preserve, as the berries and fruits most often taste really yummy together. We use them for a special morning preserve, which may vary from day to day depending on the harvest, as it tastes great on porridge. Yesterday the recipe was like this:

100 g mixed berries raspberries, green strawberry and blackberry
150 g of apples
250 g of plums
25   g of almonds
200 g of sugar
The juice from half a lemon
2 marigold heads (leaves)

Rinse the berries and remove the stems. Wash the apples, cut them into pieces and remove the core. Rinse the plums and rinse the marigold heads. Pour all berries, apples and plums in a pan together with sugar and lemon juice. Bring it to the boil on low heat and cook for about 5 minutes. Chop the almonds and then pour the petals and chopped almonds in the pan and cook for 5 more minutes. The preserved autumn yumminess should not be too firm; it should be a little runny. Pour the batter into hot, sterilized jars. Let them cool off. Store them in a refrigerator or in a dark and cool place.

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