Apple syrup – the icing on the pancake

Apple syrup

If you haven’t already picked them, the trees are still bursting with apples. Now is the time to harvest the last of the bunch and start preserving. A cool way to preserve the apple taste is by making nice apple syrup. It is delicious on pancakes or desserts during the darker autumn months. We use it especially for Dutch pancakes, which we enjoy quite frequently. Dutch pancakes with bacon, cheese and ginger or with apples are our favorites. In Holland the pancakes are enjoyed with a dark “sugar syrup”, but at our place we also enjoy them with homemade apple syrup, which is wonderfully fresh and sweet. It takes no time to make and the syrup has the most beautiful color and tastes heavenly:

Apple syrup:
1 kg apples
5 dl of water
100 g sugar per ½ l juice

Cut the apples into quarters and remove the core and the flower. Pour the apples and the water into a pan and cook them tender in about 30 minutes. Pour the mixture into a sieve lined with a cloth and let it drip out for a couple of hours. Measure the juice and pour it into a pan with the sugar. Cook it until it has a syrupy consistency – this takes about 30-45 minutes – and foam if necessary. When a drop drips slowly from the spoon, the syrup is finished. Pour the syrup on a sterilized bottle and keep it cool. Enjoy the syrup on your oatmeal in the morning or on pancakes, and remember the syrup is especially delicious on Dutch pancakes.

NB: If you boil the syrup too long it will become jelly instead – and that’s also delicious – but then you should pour it into a jar.


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