Busy bee? Relax with this fresh green cordial!

Lemon Balm Cordial

The wonderful tasty lemon balm herbs are everywhere to be found and can be enjoyed all summer long. This plant is a bee magnet – bees just love this herb that’s why the official name is Melissa officinalis, as Melissa means honey bee in Greek. It is also a recognized medicinal plant and was used in early days as a remedy for heart problems and heartaches. The herb is great in tea, lemonades and cordials, and lemon balm seems to prevent cramp in the muscles, both in the airways, but actually also in the stomach and intestines. This is a wonderfully delicious recipe for a refreshing cordial, super easy to make and really nice to drink with (sprinkling) water or with a bit of liquor like white rum.

Green Lemon Balm Cordial
20 Lemon balm stalks
10 Peppermint stalks
5 Mexican mint stalks (or other mint plant)
3 Limes
1 ½ liters of boiling water
40 grams of citric acid
1 kg cane sugar

Clean the stalks and leafs for animals and put them in a large pot or container with a lid. Rinse the limes and cut them into slices. Put them in the pan with the herbs. Sprinkle them with the citric acid and sugar. Pour finally the boiling water over the contents and stir. Put the lid or cloth over the pan and place it in a cool room or refrigerator for 3-4 days. Stir the cordial occasionally. Pour the cordial through a clean cloth and bottle it.

Stay calm with lemon balm!

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