Cherry sauce is coming to town…


After the heavy Christmas dinners with roasted pork and duck, the Danes round of with the classic dessert ‘risalamande’. This rice pudding is enriched with whipped cream and chopped almonds and then topped with a warm cherry sauce. We Danes are hooked on this divine dessert and it is a must on Christmas Eve. Even after the heavy meal you will see us take on huge portions of this, not only to eat but also to find the one whole almond hidden in the pudding. As tradition goes the person that finds the almond gets a gift. In pursuit of the almond we sometimes forget to actually enjoy the delicious dessert and the cherry sauce, so here is the recipe for this yummy sauce, we hope you will enjoy it.

Cherry sauce
500 grams of destoned cherries
200 grams of cane sugar
1 vanilla pod
The juice and peel of an organic orange

If you use fresh berries, then destone them and pour the sugar over and let them stand for an hour so the juices get out. If you use frozen cherries, then pour them into a preserving pan and add all the ingredients in the pan and get it to the boil. When boiling turn the heat down and let it simmer for about 15 minutes. Taste your sauce to see if it needs more sugar. It has to be sweet but not too sweet, as the risalamande itself is very sweet. If it has become too sweet add some more orange juice or lemon juice.
We make the cherry sauce without potato flour or corn flour, but if you want our sauce a little thicker, then add some corn flour while stirring the hot sauce, and let it slowly come to a boil. Pour your sauce in sterilized jars and heat up the cherry sauce just before serving dessert and enjoy it with the lovely risalamande. When heating up the sauce you can also give it a squeeze of booze like sherry, port or cherry rum.

The sauce also tastes great with vanilla ice cream on a hot summer day. You can easily store your unopened cherry sauce for several months if you store it cold and dark. So next summer, you can make the sauce in August with fresh berries and enjoy it on Christmas Eve.

Merry Christmas to you all!


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