Classic exquisite elderflower cordial…

Elderflower Cordial Close Up
Elderflower this and that … Who can blame you if you just want the classic elderflower cordial?
It is a divine drink for us mortals. It tastes heavenly as lemonade or with soda, but it can also be used in summer drinks, cakes, ice cream and whipped cream. It is indispensable. When we Homies got married we even had elderflower cordial in our wedding cake… this is how much we love this drink. All you need:

40 Elderflower heads
3 organic lemons
40 gram of citric acid
1 kg organic cane sugar
1 ½ liters of boiling water

Elderflower Cordial in a bucket

Inspect the elderflower heads for insects, cut the flowers of the stems and place them in a large pan or bowl. Rinse the lemons and cut them into slices and put them in the bowl too. Add the citric acid and sugar. Finally pour the boiling water over the mix and stir. Cover with a cloth or lid and leave in a cool place for 5 days. Stir the bowl occasionally (once a day). Pour the liquid through a clean cloth and afterwards pour it in suitable bottles.

We bottle some of the cordial in glass bottles and some we freeze in plastic bottles. You can keep the cordial in the refrigerator for about 14 days. You can also can your bottle cordial – if so remember not to fill the bottles up completely – the air in the bottles expands under heating therefore the extra space.

Tired of the classic? For a lovely aperitif mix your elderflower cordial with cava, prosecco or other sparkling wine! Or give your cordial a feisty bite by putting ginger slices in the mixture or a hint of caramel by using brown sugar instead of cane sugar. You can also replace lemons with lime or oranges – and add some mint leaves to your mixture.

Elderflower Forever!