Cool as a pickled cucumber

Pickled Gherkins

Every home should stock some homemade pickled gherkins – and if you love to preserve this is a must. The homemade ones taste so much better than the ones you buy. The gherkins are delicious with pâté and roasted pork. Gherkins are grateful to pickle and easy to flavor in different ways – the more spices the better. Here is a version we love to make. For a different taste replace the spices with some flavors you prefer – perhaps experiment with peppercorns or fennel seeds etc.

Pickled Gherkins
250 grams of gherkins
2dl vinegar
1dl sugar
1 teaspoon dried coriander seeds
1 teaspoon fenugreek seeds
1 teaspoon mustard seeds
Dill screens

Wash the gherkins thoroughly. Cut them into centimeter thick slices. Place the slices in layers in a small bowl as you sprinkle some salt between the layers. Cover the layers with a small plate and put a glass of water on the plate, so the gherkins will be pressed down. Put them aside in the shade on the kitchen table for a day. Wash the salt of the gherkins. Put the gherkin slices and dill into a sterilized jar. Bring the vinegar, sugar and various seeds to the boil. After it has boiled and all the sugar has dissolved, take it off the heat and let it stand for 5 minutes before pouring it over the gherkins. Close the jar and store it in a cold and dark place. Let the gherkins stand 2-3 weeks before you start enjoying them.

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