Curd who? Rhubarb Curd!

Rhubarb Curd

It’s still rhubarb time – but use them now before they get too big and dull. We are fans of rhubarb curd, especially on pancakes but also with a classic white bun. You can also use it for a layer cake, as cream between the cake bottoms – so if one of your loved ones birthday is coming up soon – you can prepare this lovely curd now.

The stewed rhubarbs
500 grams of rhubarbs
250 grams of sugar
1 vanilla pod
2 tablespoons of water
The juice of half a lime

For the curd
50 grams butter
3 whipped eggs

Start by making the stewed rhubarbs – boil them for about 20 minutes, they should be very soft. Now sieve the mass. Save the remains for your oatmeal or eat it with some yogurt. Pour the sifted mass into a bowl or pot over a water bath! Add the butter and warm up slowly until the butter has melted. Take off the pot and wait a few minutes until the mass is about 50-55 degrees. Then add the whipped eggs. Put the mass back over the water bath. The curd will slowly start to thicken when it gets warmer. Continue stirring until the mass is thick! The curd is approximately finished when it reaches 80-82 degrees. Take the curd of the heat and pour it into sterilized jars. Our curd is not very pink, we make it with 3 eggs because it just tastes better – and therefore it will of course also be less pink. There are many ways to make rhubarb curd (and curds in general) others pour the eggs into the stewed rhubarbs and that might give it a more pink color. However, we like this version because the method always works, and it tastes really good. The curd can last for 4 weeks in the refrigerator, but you can also try to freeze it.


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