Flower power cordial

summer cordial with flowers

Summer offers many beautiful flowers and leaves, which are also delicious to use in various desserts, jams or juices. Summer cordials with leaves and flowers taste sour, bitter, sweet and perfumed and are yummy as an aperitif with vodka or gin. Try to make this summer cordial with the most beautiful elderflowers, rose petals and lavender flowers that are in the garden right now. Serve the cordial naturally or in a glass with cold prosecco or white wine, with a small summer strawberries on top.

Summer cordial with flowers
10 elderflower heads
3 handful rose petals
15 lavender flowers
3 limes sliced and also the peel grated
1 grapefruit in slices
1 handful of peppermint leaves
1 handful of lemon balm leaves
40 g citric acid
1 kg cane sugar
1½ l of boiling water

Clean the elderflowers for insects, cut the flowers of the stems, and put them in a large bowl. Check the rose petals and lavender flowers for insects and put them in the bowl.  Rinse limes and grate the peel into the bowl and cut them in slices. Rinse the grapefruit and cut it into slices and add them too. Wash lemon balm and pepper mint and add them to the bowl and sprinkle with citric acid and cane sugar. Now pour the boiling water and stir. Put a lid or a cloth over the bowl in a cool room / fridge for 3-5 days. Stir daily in the bowl. Pour the juice through a clean cloth and pour it in suitable bottles.
Pour the cordial in sterilized glass bottles or freeze it in plastic bottles.  Remember to not completely fill the plastic bottles before they are put in the freezer. The cordial can be stored in the refrigerator for approx. 14 days.


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