For you ginger lovers – here is ginger lemon marmalade

Ginger Lemon Marmalade

Ginger oh ginger… we adore you. You are so good to us with your freshness, sharpness and wonderful taste. You add a feisty kick to our food and you come with all your health benefits – you are just too good to be true.

Homemade ginger marmalade is also very versatile: great on your breakfast toast, on your desserts or with a lamb, chicken or a veggie Thai dish. And even better: ginger marmalade is so easy to make. Try this ginger lemon marmalade and enrich your life…

Ginger & lemon marmalade
8 lemons (pulp and peel)
100 grams of ginger
600 grams of jam sugar
1 dl cane sugar
2 dl Water

Peel the ginger and cut it fine or run it through a mini chopper. Grate the peel of the 8 lemons – avoid the white peel. Cut the pulp into small pieces.  Get a saucepan and add the ginger, lemon peel, lemon and water and bring to the boil. Then add the jam sugar and cane sugar while stirring. Let it cook for about 5-10 minutes, and remember to test the consistency. There are many ways to do this. You can dip a wooden spoon in the hot jam – if the last drop is sticking to the spoon, the marmalade is done. You can also make a wrinkle test – set a few small dishes in the refrigerator, take one out, place a tablespoon of the marmalade on the plate, place it  back  in the refrigerator a few minutes, then take it out and drag a finger through the marmalade –  if it wrinkles it is done.

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