Gorgeous green grabbers!

Pickled green tomatoes

Still got some small green tomatoes left from the last harvest in the green house? Then make pickled green tomatoes – they are not only gorgeous, they also taste fantastic with a cheese plate and delicious bread. Don’t let the two brines frighten you – it is easy peasy – just go for it!

Pickled green tomatoes
500 grams of small green tomatoes
Wash the tomatoes and prick small holes in them with a fork or a meat needle.

First you make the vinegar brine. For this you will need:
2,5 dl of water
2,5 dl of vinegar

Get it to the boil and add the tomatoes – let them cook for about 5 minutes. Take the tomatoes out set the brine aside.

Now you start to make the sugar vinegar brine. Take half of the first brine (2,5 dl) and add:
250 grams of cane sugar
1/2 vanilla pod
1 cinnamon stick

You can also add some raisins or a bit of chili if you want to play with different flavours.

Let it come to a boil and make sure the sugar has dissolved before adding the tomatoes. Let the tomatoes cook for 5-10 minutes depending on their size. When ready take the tomatoes out with a spoon and place them in sterilizered jars – then pour the sugar vinegar brine over. Let them rest for about a week before you enjoy them!

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