Granny Grethes courgette and orange pickles

Courgette and orange pickles

My grandma Grethe loved to cook and treat us with her delicious delights. She is not with us anymore but we treasure her recipe books which go back as far as 1936. In one of her books from the 80’s we found this lovely courgette and orange pickles, which she had written down neatly. It tastes incredibly fresh – try it with baked salmon or fried prawns.

Squash and orange pickles
750 grams of courgette
2 oranges

Sugar vinegar brine:
400 grams of sugar
2½ dl apple vinegar
2 ½ dl vinegar

Cut the courgettes into slices or squares. Grate the zest of the oranges without the whites and cut the fruit into slices. Pour the sugar, vinegar and orange zest into a pan and heat it up until the sugar is dissolved. Add the squash slices and boil them for 2 minutes. Drop the orange slices into the pan and turn it over and pour it into sterilized jars and cap while hot.

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