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Daisy vodka

We all know them especially if you have a lawn. Daisies are a generous flower which enriches us all summer. Many of us have at some point made beautiful necklaces with the delicate flowers. The word Daisy comes from the word ‘Daes eag’ which is thought to mean ‘day’s eye’, after the way the flower closes at night and opens at dawn. They are beautiful, decorative and super healthy, and they are especially used in natural medicine, cosmetics and herbal tea. They taste really good in vodka; where they add a honey-like, mild and sweet flavor to the vodka.

Daisy vodka
A good handful daisies
300 ml Vodka (fill a jar)

Nip the stems and place the flowers in a jam jar. Pour vodka over. Let it soak for 1-2 days – and then it’s ready to serve. If you think that it is too strong add one teaspoon of honey. Serve the vodka cold and with some nice rye bread with a boiled egg or prawns.

Have a daisy day and cheers!

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