Love elderflower? – Try this wonderful vinegar!

Elderflower Vinegar

Elderflowers are amazing – our favorite summer flowers in preserves. They have such a beautiful taste, and right now we are busy bees using them in lovely delicacies like salt, sugar, cordial and jams. We are totally crazy about homemade elderflower vinegar – especially in gorgeous summer salads with berries and pine nuts. We think you will love it too – all you need:

Elderflowers (we fill the jars up to the top)
2 slices of lemon in each jar
1 tsp. of honey
Organic wine vinegar

Pick some elderflower screens (can also reuse them you used to make elderflower cordial). Shake the screens for small animals – and take of the white flowers and put them in sterilized jars or bottles. Pour organic wine vinegar over, and let the vinegar soak 1-2 months in a sunny window or on the kitchen table and turn the glass once in a while. Strain out the flowers and you have the finest vinegar to all the dishes where you would like to add this light delicate summer vinegar.

You can play with different flavors – who says you cannot put ginger or a sweet chili in your elderflower vinegar?

Have a tasty day!

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