Jam with a clear conscience!

Leftover redcurrant turn into jam

When making a redcurrant jelly you will be left with quite some leftover cooked redcurrants. You can of course make your chickens (if you have some) very happy with this treat (chickens are crazy about berries), or you can make them into a delicious jam. You can just use the cooked berries or add some fresh berries for more taste!

500 cooked redcurrant
150 grams of mixed berries
300 grams of organic cane sugar
The juice from an organic orange

Pour all ingredients in a preserving pan and let the mass slowly warm up until the sugar is dissolved. Let it cook for approximately 5-10 minutes. When it has reached the right jam like consistency – pour the jam into sterilized jars.

Enjoy the jam on a freshly baked bun with a clear conscience!

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