Jazz up your morning with apple/mulberry preserve

Mulberrries and apple preserve

It’s time to organize the kitchen cupboards and prepare for the new season. Check all veggies and fruits you have stored. Think of it as a kind of spring cleaning in your food storage. When sorting and checking we found some still very nice garden apples from the October harvest and a huge stock of dried mulberries (which are said to be mega healthy). So we combined the tasty apples with the mulberries and made it into a kick-start morning preserve. We love our morning porridge and this special topping makes getting out of bed all the more worth it. It is a truly good combination!

You will need:
100 grams of dried mulberries
The juice from 2 oranges
The juice from half a lemon
400 grams of peeled and chopped apple
½-1 cup water
200-250 grams of cane sugar (depending on how sweet you want it)

Let the dried mulberries soak for a few hours in the orange and lemon juice. Peel and chop the apples – and warm them in a pan with a bit of water. Boil for about 5 minutes and then pour the mulberry mix in with the sugar. Let it all boil a bit more – about 5-10 minutes. Pour it in to sterilized jars or in a tray in the refrigerator. Eat it with your oatmeal in the morning (you can add some lovely nuts) or vanilla ice cream in the evening.

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