Just in time for a pretty easy delicate Pentecost Vodka

Sea Buckthorn and Orange Vodka

If you hurry, you are just in time to make this nice delicate vodka for Pentecost. It will take at least 4-5 days, but you can easily let it stand longer.

All you need for your Pentecost Sea Buckthorn and Orange Vodka:
50 cl vodka
The peel from 2 organic oranges (you can also dry them a little before using them)
1 vanilla pod
½ cup dried sea buckthorn
2 tsp. acacia honey

Peel the oranges, avoid the white bitter part. Put the orange peel in a bottle along with the vanilla pod, the sea buckthorn and the honey. Pour the vodka over and let the drink stand for 4-5 days. You can leave it longer to get an even more intense taste.

So hurry up and get started on this amazing drink – serve it chilled with your Pentecost lunch!

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