Late summer’s blackberry jam

Blackberry Jam

Blackberries –  you have been missed. Luckily, summer has been good to us here in Scandinavia – so already from July we have been able to eat delicious blackberries of the shrubs. Now we just need to preserve some of those lovely blackberries and their wonderful taste for fall and winter – and that’s done with a classic blackberry jam.

Blackberry Jam
4-6 jars
1 kg of blackberry
700 grams of cane sugar
The juice of a 1 lemon

Rinse the blackberries under the cold tap let them drip off.
Take a nice thick pan and add blackberry, sugar and lemon juice. Bring it to a boil at high temperature – and stir in the pan. Allow the berries to boil for 10-12 minutes, then remove any foam that accumulates on the surface with a spoon. Pour the jam into sterilized jars. Allow the jam to cool off – store it dark and cool.

A little tip: Always wipe off the jam from running down the jars. Then screw the caps on tight and turn the jars upside down for a short while – making sure that the lid is sealed and completely sterile.

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