Lovely lemon thyme salt

Lemon Thyme Salt

Last week we were given a nice handful of lemon thyme. We love herb salt and we made the most tasty lemon thyme salt, which is great for grilled fish, potato boats or autumn vegetable soups etc.

It’s very simple – all you need is:
1 handful of fresh lemon thyme
10-15 tablespoons of coarse salt

Wash the lemon thyme and dry them off. Put salt and lemon thyme in a food processor and give it a couple of thorough spins or use a hand blender. The salt will get wet, so you either use it within a week or dry it in the oven at 50 degrees. If you dry it in the oven spread it out on baking paper. It takes about 1-2 hours before it is dry. Make sure it is really dry. On a really warm day, you can also dry the salt outside in the sun – it can however take many hours. Make sure that the lumps are crushed well before you pour the  salt into glasses.

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