Meet Gins BFF – Lilac Cordial

Lilac Cordial in the making
This cordial is amazing. It tastes very perfumed and intense. Enjoy it cold with water or soda water. Lilac cordial also tastes great with sparkling wine – or with gin for an unusual gin-tonic like drink, just add a bit of soda water for the bubbles. We make this cordial the same way as elderflower cordial, but this cordial has a very different and more ‘grown-up’ taste.

Lilac Cordial
3 lemons
40 lilac clusters
1 kg of organic cane sugar
40 grams of citric acid
1 ½ liter of boiling Water

Lilac Cordial and Gin

Shake the flowers lightly for insects and spread out so that the last insects have the opportunity to find new homes. The flower clusters are placed in a large bowl or pan. Cut the lemons into slices and place them in the bowl with the sugar and citric acid. You then pour over the boiling water. Put the bowl in the refrigerator or somewhere cool for 3-5 days. You must stir it daily. When the cordial has long enough, it is sieved through a piece of canvas or tea towel. Then pour the cordial into sterilized bottles and put it cold and dark or  use plastic bottles instead and throw them in the freezer.

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