“Mirror Mirror on the wall – which is the prettiest vinegar of them all?”

Rosehip Flower Vinegar
If you have some rosehips around the house, then please make rosehip flower vinegar! If not in your own garden, take a peek in the neighbors’ or else they can often be found at the coastline (in Denmark at least). Pick the rose flowers and put them in a canning jar and fill it up with vinegar.


Put the glass in a window shelve for a least a week – the vinegar will quickly get a beautiful intense pink color. Leave it for a few weeks for a more intense flavor. The vinegar gets a fantastic rosy scent and flowery taste.

Rosehip Flower Vinegar closeup

If you intent to use the vinegar within a few weeks you can let the leaves be, but if you need it to last longer it is a good idea to sieve the vinegar. We normally strain the vinegar from the flowers and bottle it, so we have a little stash to last the year. This vinegar is delicious in salads especially with strawberries or with roasted meat, poultry and grilled fish and in the Moroccan cuisine. Try also to use the pretty rose leaves fresh – they are so beautiful in a dish.

2 good handfuls of rose hips rose petals
Approximately 1 liter of white vinegar
Let the glass stand a few weeks – and sieve the vinegar and pour the vinegar into clean, sterilized bottles. You can also give you rosehip flower vinegar a twist with some honey or lime.

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