Pick the last elderflowers for this incredible curd!

Elderflower Curd

Our roots go as far as Holland, Germany, Sweden and Denmark, but in this case we are properly English. We love curd – so very English and so very good. If you love to make pastry cream and eat the raw cream before it goes on to the pie, then you will also love curd. Lemon curd is the classic – super tasty and fresh! However, this homemade elderflower curd is a delicious competitor. It tastes so much of summer. We often make a few glasses and start off with a stack of pancakes! Sometimes we get up at night to spoon it straight out of the glass. Do you also want nocturnal trips to the refrigerator to be rewarded… here is the recipe:

 Elderflower Curd!
5 big elderflower heads
85 g butter
180 g sugar
3 beaten eggs
Peel and juice of 2 organic lemons

Take the flowers of the heads with a fork. Let the elderflowers soak for one or two hours with the peel and the juice of the lemons. Pour the butter, sugar, elder flowers, lemon peel and lemon juice into a bowl or saucepan over a water bath! Warm the mass slowly into liquid. Take the pan of the heat for a couple of minutes and add the beaten eggs. Put the pan on the heat again and as the liquid gets warmer it will now slowly begin to thicken. Continue to stir until the mass is thick. Sieve the mass and pour the curd into sterilized glasses. It can be in the refrigerator approximately 4 weeks (do not worry it’s eaten before), but you can also freeze it.

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