Pomegranate jelly an explosion of love

Happy Valentines Pomegranate Jelly

It’s Valentines – so let’s make a super preserve for the people we love. A pomegranate is beautiful just like love. If you have not found that special one yet – don’t worry – we know you will find love in this lovely jelly. Pomegranates are fantastic to preserve – and in the South of Europe and Middle East they make the most amazing pomegranate jellies. So are you up for some superfood for your body and some love for your taste buds or do you just want to spoil someone special with yummy food – then try this phenomenal pomegranate jelly.

Pomegranate Jelly
400 ml pomegranate juice (approximately 3 pomegranates)
Juice of ½ a lemon
175 grams of jam sugar

Take the seeds out of the pomegranates and run them through a juicer. Pour the lemon juice into the pomegranate juice. Measure the sieved juice (for every 600 ml of juice use 450 g of sugar) and bring it to the boil. Sprinkle in the sugar and boil it with the juice for 10-15 min. until the jelly thickens, and the drops of jelly fall heavily from the spoon. Remove any foam. Pour the jelly in sterilized jelly jars.

Depending on how hot or sweet you want this lovely jelly – you can try out variations with chili, vanilla or put small edible flowers in the jelly.

Hope you have a great day with people you love!

Happy Valentines

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