Pretty in purple – Liliac Syrup

Lilac syrup

Lilacs are blooming now. Glorious and perfect if you like to preserve, because the lilac flowers are amazing in the preserving kitchen … you can use them in jams and jellies and  you can use the flowers in a tasty  syrup, great on summer pancakes or on your favorite ice cream dessert.
It takes no time to make the syrup and it gets the most beautiful color – of course depending on the color of your lilacs. We make it with the purple lilacs so the syrup gets a beautiful purple color.

All you need is:
5 dl of lilac flowers
5 dl of water
5 dl of white sugar
The juice from half a lemon

Pick the flowers and take off the bigger branches – preferably only use the little flowers. Put them in a saucepan and add the lemon juice, water and sugar. Boil the mass for about 10 minutes until it has a mirrored syrupy consistency. Sieve the liquid and pour the syrup on a small sterilized bottle – the amount will be about 3-4 dl. We love the syrup on lemon ice cream. If you boil the syrup too long it will become jelly instead – and that’s also delicious – but then you should pour it into a jar.

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