Redcurrant Jelly – traditional or with a lavender twist

Redcurrant Jelly
The redcurrants are ready to be picked. They look absolutely fantastic in the garden – and it feels almost a shame to pick them – but hurry up – the season is short – and the birds love them. The traditional way to preserve them is as jelly – our favorite jelly. In Denmark this jelly is traditionally eaten together with meatloaf and on apple pie. The jelly is easy to make:

1 kg redcurrant
400ml of water
Organic white granulated sugar
(Lavender Flowers)

Rinse the redcurrants in cold water and let them drain in a sieve. Pour the berries in a pan with the water and bring it to the boil. Let it simmer until all the juices have come out of the berries. It takes about 30-45 minutes. Take the pan of the heat and pour the berries into a juice bag. Remember to put a bowl under. (Save the cooked redcurrant for a jam – recipe will come later this week)

Place the juice bag somewhere cool and let the berries drain about 8-24 hours. Measure the strained juice and for every 600 ml of juice, use 450 grams of sugar.  Bring the juice to the boil. When it boils sprinkle the sugar in the juice while stirring. When the sugar has dissolve let it boil for 10 minutes until the jelly has begun to thicken and the drops fall heavy from the spoon. Remove any foam. Now it is time to pour the jelly into sterilized jars, but leave some in the pan – and add some fresh or dried lavender flowers so you will have both a traditional jelly and one with lavender flowers. The jelly with lavender is delicious with cake and cream desserts.

Have a jelly jolly day!

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