Rhubarb and Spring go hand in hand


Fresh rhubarbs equals spring to us. And you can keep harvesting from your rhubarb plants if you take from the outside. They last forever! Rhubarb and oranges make a great combo. Try this jam:

Rhubarb jam with orange
850 grams of rhubarb
1 ½ vanilla pod – scrape the seeds out and but the pod and the seeds in with the rhubarb
Juice of 2 oranges
The peel of 1 orange
400-500 grams of the jam sugar depending on how sweet you want it.

Wash the rhubarbs thoroughly and cut them into smaller pieces, remember not to take too much of the bottom which is actually the most delicious part of the rhubarb. Put the rhubarbs and the rest of the ingredients in a preserving pan, stir and let it rest for half an hour to an hour. Then move the pan on to the heat and let it slowly warm up until the sugar has dissolved. Boil the jam now for 5-10 minutes until it has reached the right consistency and then pour it into a sterilized jam jar.

Have a good rhubarb harvest!

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