Rikke’s raspy apple schnapps

Apple Schnapps

It’s time for apples and schnapps, so we can stay nice and warm now that it’s getting colder. In autumn the apples are everywhere, and if you are tired of apple juice or apple crumble (as if!!!) then try making this fantastic feisty apple schnapps with horseradish. It is inspired by the apple schnapps our sweet neighbor Rikke makes. It is suitable for a fishy lunch with herring and salmon or a nice dinner with cabbage salads and a delicious piece of beef or even traditional Danish ‘æbleflæsk’, a dish with bacon with apples.

Apple schnapps with horseradish
1 organic lemon
300 grams apple
20 grams horseradish
500 ml vodka or schnapps
4 tsp. honey (Try first with 2 tsp.  Add more if needed when you have filtered the schnapps)

Cut the lemon into pieces, peel the horseradish and cut it into thin slices. Cut the apples into small pieces and weigh them so you have approximately 300 grams. Place the horseradish slices, honey, apple and lemon pieces in a sterilized bottle and pour the vodka over.  Place the bottle in a dark and cool place for 7-8 days. Sieve and filter the schnapps – taste it to see if it needs more honey.

Keep the schnapps cool and stay warm yourself!


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