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Pickled Red Onion Rings

We absolutely LOVE pickled red onion rings – beautiful in color and great taste. If you think that canning and preserving is not for you cause it is time consuming or difficult? Think again and pickle red onions! It takes no time and is easy peasy.

The fantastic sour/sweet onions crunch beautifully and taste heavenly on a burger, hot dogs, roasted pork sandwich, pulled pork and with all the good Christmas food like roasted pork and as topping on herring. They will keep for ages in the fridge, so if you have 20 minutes, then get peeling and make the most amazing pickled red onions for your special Christmas dinner.

Pickled red onion rings
Take 300 grams of peeled red onions and cut them into thin slices – of course you can also make thicker slices if you prefer them like that.

The vinegar mixture
2½ dl organic wine vinegar
2½ dl apple vinegar (we used one, we have made with rosemary – but use what you have)
300 g of cane sugar
1 tbsp. mixed peppercorns
1 teaspoon of cloves
3 star anise
3 bay leaves
A pinch of salt

Add the vinegars to the pan along with the sugar and spices. Bring to the boil and cook until the sugar has dissolved. Remove from the heat and put the onion rings in the hot syrup and leave to cool. (You can also first put the onion rings directly in jars and pour the vinegar mix over). Pour into sterilized jars and store them in the fridge or another cold place. Sometimes there will be some vinegar mixture left, then make some more onions or leave the mix for another pickle project.


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