The taste of nordic garlic – Ramps Oil

ramps oil

It´s the perfect time to go hunting in the woods for beautiful ramps, aka wild garlic. They are very much used in the modern Scandinavian cuisine – super delicious in pestos, oils, butter, soups, omelets or just fried on a pan with some butter. You can actually use all of it i.e. the leaves, the flowers and the onions, but for this recipe we just use the leaves (picks more easy too). If you are going to try a preserve with ramps this year – try this tasty oil:

100 grams of ramps leaves
5 dl rapeseed oil or olive oil
2 pinch of salt
1 tsp. lemon juice

Rinse the ramps thoroughly in cold water and drain well. Put the leaves in a blender together with the oil, salt and lemon juice. Run it until it becomes a uniform green mass. Pour the mass into a container – put a lid on and place it in the refrigerator for 3 days. Take out the oil and sieve it through a fine-mesh sieve. Use the excess mass for a nice ramps pesto – just add parmesan cheese and sunflower seeds! Use the delicious green oil for dressings, homemade bread, pastas or together with lovely fish dishes.

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