Traditional French Country Jam

Nectarine and Apricot Jam

You pickle flavor inspiration can be found everywhere. On the French markets there are often one or two selling jams or pickles. It is always exciting to see what combinations they have made or  taste their take on the more traditional ones. You also get a good insight into what kind of fruits and berries are in the area. A French combination that is particularly delicious is apricots and nectarines. They complement each other really well. Do you also want to try? – Then make this jam and enjoy it on a bun in the autumn sun.

Apricot and Nectarine Jam
500 grams of apricots
500 grams of nectarines
500 grams of sugar
The juice of a large lemon

Wash your fruits, remove the stones and cut the flesh into large cubes. Put all ingredients into a large saucepan. The first 15 minutes on low heat. When the juices have come out, turn up the heat and let it all come to a boil. When the jam has got the right consistency you pour it into sterilized jars all the way to the top – when you have screwed the lid on, turn the glass upside down so the jam also covers the inside of the lid!


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