Zucchilicious zucchinis in olive oil

Zucchinis in Olive Oil

Have you got some zucchini in the garden – and do you want to preserve them for delicious pasta or simmer dishes?  In Italy, they love to preserve their zucchini in oil. It’s easy and you can munch on the most delicious zucchinis all winter. The oil you have poured over the zucchinis, you pour in the dish or re-use –just sieve the zucchinis and leave the oil in a jar to use it when you are cooking.

Zucchinis in olive oil
600 grams of zucchinis
2 tbsp. of cane sugar
2 tbsp. of salt
Fresh oregano
Small red chillies (you decide the degree of strength)
Olive oil

Wash the zucchinis. Cut them into one centimeter thick slices. Put them in a pot and pour vinegar over, until the zucchinis are covered. Add sugar and salt. Boil the zucchinis until they are al dente – approximately 3-5 minutes. Remove them with a skimmer spoon and place them on a dish on paper towel, so they can dry a bit. Cover them with paper towel too. When they have cooled of, you put the zucchinis into sterilized jars. Make some holes in the small red chillies and put them into each glass. Add some fresh oregano sprigs (you can also use other herbs). Cover it all with olive oil and tap the glass gently on the kitchen table to make the air bubbles disappear. Screw on the lid and store them dark and cool or refrigerated. When you eat the zucchinis – remember to cover the remaining zucchinis with oil again – if you do not use them all.

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