I’m a Ginger Starter!

Ginger Beer StarterAt Homies Finest we have loved Ginger Beer since our first trips to Africa – where you enjoy cool ginger beers in the sunset…. Start your own – and before long you can enjoy the sunset with your self-brewed ginger beer, where you are at!

For your starter you need:
100 grams of grated organic ginger with peel
75 grams sugar
2 dl water

Grate the ginger including the peel and mix all the ingredients in a patent glass, make sure to leave some space for the extra ingredients. Over the next few days you add a few tablespoons grated ginger with peel and sugar to the mixture and give it a good stir. Ginger contains yeast and lactic acid bacteria’s, which are important when fermenting. These feed on the sugar and will create alcohol and carbonate and after 3-4 days the starter will bubble merrily. And when it does then it is (and you are) ready for the next stage.

Stay tuned!

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