Pleased to meet you, Ramson Leaves!

Ramson Salt Homies Finest

With such a cool name this herb deserves its own salt. Herb salt can be made throughout the year, but in the spring Ramson Herb Salt tastes particularly fantastic.

It’s very simple – all you need:
10 fresh Ramson leaves
10 tablespoons of good salt flakes

Wash the leaves and dry them off. Put salt and leaves in a mortar or in a food processor and give it a couple of good turns. The salt will get wet, so you either use it within a week or dry it in the oven at 50 degrees. If you dry it in the oven spread it out on baking paper. It takes about 1-5 hours before it is dry. Make sure it is really dry. If you are lucky that it is a really warm spring day, you can also dry the salt outside in the sun – it can however take many hours. Make sure that the lumps are crushed well before you pour salt into glasses. Enjoy your ramson leaf salt on an egg sandwich or on a lovely roasted fish etc.

Have a tasteful Thursday!

PS Allium Ursinum is the latin name of the plant and its other nickname is Bear Garlic! “Ursinum,” refers to bears – according to the tales, ramsons are the first plant that bears eat when they emerge from hibernation. Ramsons can also be used as a preservative because it has a very strong anti- bacterial effect. That’s kind of cool!

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