Cherry rum & rum soaked cherries – two in one!

Cherry Rum

Right now the cherries have started to ripen – and then it’s time to make cherry rum, which is great with desserts and with a piece of chocolate after dinner! It is one of the easiest and most delicious ways to preserve! Alcohol and sugar – no microorganisms can grow in large amounts of alcohol and sugar – and it tastes terrific!

Cherry rum
300 grams of cherries
150 grams of sugar
A split vanilla pod
3-4 dl rum

Rinse the cherries and destone them. Place all the berries in a sterilized bottle and pour rum, one split vanilla pod and sugar in. Let it soak a few weeks in a dark and cold place. Shake the bottle occasionally. When ready sieve the cherries from the rum. Use the soaked berries with a good vanilla ice cream or in a trifle with cream or preserve it in some way!



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