Let’s go Minty

Mint Jelly Homies Finest

Mint Jelly is great for grilled meat dishes and especially perfect with lamb. And yes guys, it is finally time again to make more food on the grill and over fire…..love it. This jelly is going to make your kitchen smell fresh and “breezy”.

All you need is:
• 150g fresh mint leaves
• 1 l of boiling water
• 5 tablespoons lemon juice
• 1-2 tablespoons apple vinegar
• 750 g of preserving sugar (or normal sugar with one bag of pectin – you can buy these at the supermarket).

How to do it:
Peel the leaves from the stems and rinse them. Put the leaves in a pan and pour the lemon juice, apple vinegar and boiling water over. Boil it all for 5 minutes – press the mint with the saucepan spoon to squeeze out the flavor. Remove the leaves. Measure the juice. You should have around 1 liter. Then pour the juice back into the pan. If you using normal sugar instead of preserving sugar – then now is the time to add pectin, because there is no pectin in mint.  Cook for about 1- 2 minutes so the pectin has been dissolved. Remove the pan from the heat and pour the sugar in and stir. Set the pan back on the stove, and cook for 2-3 minutes. Foam if needed and pour the jelly into the sterilized jar. If the jelly does not become stiff, then boil it up again and put more pectin in. We like our mint jelly natural, but if you want it to have a green color you have to add a few drops of green food coloring.

Enjoy ’the coolest of jellies’ – and have a mighty minty weekend!




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