Ready Set Herbal Tea!

Different herbs for Herb Tea

Where “tea” is based on tea leaves, ‘herbal tea’ is based on other herbs, flowers and spices. Many herbs are perfect to infuse hot water and make herbal tea. We use different kinds of fresh plants during the summer which we dry later in the season to preserve them. The dried herbs can be used as herbal tea – a simple way to access the health benefits of the herbs during winter.


Harvest your herbs in the morning before the essential oils have been burned off by the sun, but after the morning dew has gone. Wash the herbs if not grown organic and dry them off with a dishtowel and leave them on the towel for some hours. You can dry the herbs carefully in your oven around 50 degrees until they are dry or you can hang them in a dry, not too cold space with good air circulation to remove the moisture from the plants. Check the herbs once in a while and see how they are doing. We love to use bergamot flowers and leaves, lemon balm, corn flower, Marigold, Chamomile, Peppermint, Mexican Mint and Spearmint – and you can make different variations. There is nothing like a hot cup of herbal tea to enjoy a peaceful and relaxing moment of the day (or night).

Go dry those healthy herbs honey!

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