Super Easy Chives Flower Salt

Chives Flower Salt

Chives are widely used in food but the pretty violet flower heads are often chucked away. They
are actually eatable and we love them. Chives blossom in June-July and the flowers are good in potato salad or on egg sandwiches. We also love them in Chives Flower Salt – a cool way to preserve these beautiful vitamin bombs for the cold winter months. It tastes great with potatoes on rye bread with mayo. All you need to make your own chives flower salt are:

Chives Flower Salt
1 cup salt
3 chive flowers

Pick chive flowers and separate them and put them in salt. Dry the salt in the sun or in the oven at about 50 degrees. When the salt and the flowers are completely dry then pour the salt on airtight glass. Store the salt the dark place. It also makes a fine hostess gift.

Have a salty day!

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