Homies Finest is a food-loving business. Our aim is to bring delicious food and yummy fruit and vegetables on the agenda. We have a special passion for preserved, fermented and pickled products. We also want to inspire others to preserve fruit and vegetables and consume the stocks in our kitchens, gardens and in the wild. We can all learn a lot from the ancient methods of preserving – preserves are super yummy, and it also helps keep fruit and vegetables for longer. So when you feel like a taste of summer, take those lovely preserves out of the cupboard and tuck in. We love foraging, and we are also advocates of ‘stop food waste’ and exploiting the lovely variety of the food we have both in our gardens and in nature. We work closely with our partners in crime to make  delicious preserves with lovely fresh fruit and vegetables from well reputed suppliers (or of course foraged naturally).

We also love to do foodstyling and foodphotography for clients see some of our work!

we want to:

• make yummy and healthy preserves
• increase focus on “food that keeps”
• concentrate on fine fruit and vegetables
• love and share the joy of fruit and vegetables
• share the allure of nature and the love of gardening (even on a small scale)
• stop food waste – purchase less but with deliberation – and use it all!
• create fantastic foodpicture and foodstyles

Do you want to cooperate with us?

We work with food companies which are interested in making fantastic preserves. We also work with organizations that will promote preserves, vegetable gardens and stop food waste. We work as consultants, as partners on projects, and we develop new recipes for delicious preserves and recipes  for magazines.

Contact us if you’re interested in what we do and want to learn more.